Integrated Cost Management And NASA Reporting

PMi533 is the component used to prepare NASA financial management reporting formats.  It automates the preparation of the 533M, 533Q, CTRs and electronic deliverables.  PMiNet’s NASA reporting component is an established, reliable reporting system used on numerous programs at several NASA sites including GSFC in Maryland, JSC in Houston, AMES in San Jose and others.  It has a long history of accuracy and reliability and has demonstrated the capability to satisfy some of the most demanding reporting requirements and electronic deliverable formats.  The system fully complies with NASA NPR9501.2.  It also provides the flexibility and tools to tailor each project to accommodate specific customer needs and preferences.
PMi533 is integrated with PMiNet.  The accuracy and reliability of the reporting system is a result of the overall integrity of the underlying PMiNet Project Data Repository.



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