Resource Planning and Forecasting

PMiRPM is the Resource Planning Module.  RPM provides geographically disbursed team members with a user friendly Resource Planning and Estimating Tool as shown below.  Authorized users can retrieve their current LRE (actuals plus ETC).  Resource assignments and forecasts can reviewed, revised and transmitted to an electronic input queue for processing.  RPM calculates cost and provides graphical displays.  Other displays include Resource Loading profiles and summaries showing hours, FTEs and dollars.



RPM offers a complete Resource Planning and analysis tool allowing CAMS and Task Managers direct access to performance status summary information as well as Baseline, Actuals and Forecast detail.  Budget & Forecast updates can be made interactively and the cost impact assessed immediately.  Updates are transmitted to an electronic input queue for processing.
RPM calculates cost and provides alternate views showing Resource Summary profiles showing hours, FTEs and dollars.  Graphical displays such as the one shown below are also provided.

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