PMiNet Applications and Solutions

PMiNet is designed to be flexible and capable of satisfying the most demanding customer requirements and supporting a wide range of project types and management organizations. To address these diverse requirements the appropriate applications are enabled and configured in a modular fashion to create integrated solutions to address each type of unique environment. Four typical solutions are described in the panel on the right. Project Integration Tools (PMiTools) and the Project Data Repository form the foundation of the system. Applications are added to the system to build a fully integrated system for Earned Value Management, NASA Financial Management, or any of the others. These applications are described in greater detail in the  Overview.

Integrated Performance Management &
Earned Value Reporting

The Performance Management module provides complete Earned Value Management functionality designed to support full and formal ANSI/EIA 748 EVMS implementation and compliance.
>>> >>> The module is also scalable and provides flexibility to support streamlined implementation of EV. Direct interface with MsProject schedules for discrete milestone measurement methods and full schedule integration. Also supports LOE, percent complete, and other standard start/finish methods. Includes IPMR reporting and XML formats.

Integrated Financial Management &
NASA 533 Reporting

The NASA Financial Management component, PMi533, is included in the full PMiNet product. This component provides the 533M, 533Q and other specialized NASA reporting formats. >>> >>> PMi533 is integrated with the Repository and shares other common PMiNet modules. It includes extensive reporting formats, electronic outputs, and financial management functions. It provides a flexible, user friendly, highly effective solution for full compliance with NPR 9501.2x. This component also includes a pricing module and automates preparation of the CTR (Contractor Task Report) proposal submittal format.

Budgeting and Cost Control, Funds Management and Status Reporting
PMiNet also provides excellent Budgeting and Cost visibility and tools for managing other rigorous requirements such as low level funds management and funds status reporting. >>> >>> This configuration supports budget and cost control and also provides a solution for projects with funds tracking and funds status reporting as is often required by NSA and many other agencies. These applications are integrated with the Repository and share common modules for systems integration, resources and rates and pricing. Resource Planning and Forecasting tools are also integrated into this configuration. The Information Retrieval & Reporting component (PMiIRS) includes a library of reports providing Budget vs Actual cost visibility, trend reporting and charting. PMiIRS also supports Contract Funds Status Reporting (per DD form 1586). For contracts requiring Funds Expenditure Reporting the product provides the FMHR report format as defined in DI-FNCL-80331A.

Electronic Data Interchange for
Government Oversight Analytics &
Management Reporting

This configuration is used to support government oversight by providing project teams with improved project visibility and analytics. >>> >>> It supports the use of EDI as the method for integrating electronic project data from contractors. EDI files provide a complete snapshot of the project including baseline budgets, actual cost, performance and forecasts. All Earned Value options for reporting, charting and analytics are provided to the Gov’t project team with this configuration.
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